Why does every one of us is constantly blaming the military? Whether it is a common man, a politician or a landlord, everybody is holding military responsible for the poor state this land is in. Take a look back at history and see what chosen ones have done to the country that seems to be collapsing any minute now. If blaming armed forces is an utmost necessity, they ought to be blamed for defending countrys frontiers as well. Need I remind my fellow countrymen that it were the armed forces, who gave a befitting response to the Indians in the war of 1965. Most of us consider serving in military a great honour and prestige. Then whys this criticism for the sake of criticism? Im not doing intentional advocacy for men like Pervez Musharaf but trying to prove the point that an entire organisation shouldnt be blamed for the treacheries of a single individual just as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto cant be held responsible for what Zardari has done. Everyone makes mistakes. The core point is how we should be learning from our blunders rather than blaming the rotten eggs. Please, my fellow Pakistanis, I implore you to see the point and stop becoming active participants in a useless blame-game bad ones have been playing till now. AWAIS MUSHTAQ, Lahore, October 19.