LAHORE - With an aim to address the economic, external and internal, political and other challenges faced by the country, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has started consultations with all segments of the country for formulating the 'Charter of Pakistan. The situation has reached the stage where no change for change can solve the problems, as the 'Charter of Pakistan is the need of the hour, which would help tackling all the issues, said Nawaz during an exclusive chat with Nawa-i-Waqt from London. He said 'Charter of Democracy (CoD) was crafted for restoring real democracy in the country besides institutional, political, economic, judicial and administrative stability, but unfortunately, the document could not be implemented in letter and spirit. The latest developments and trends, he said, had proved that the multi-faceted problems could not be resolved through the politicians only. All the stakeholders should sit together to present a positive picture of the country and find a solution of the issues in a manner which would ensure satisfying the people belonging to all walks of life, he suggested. He said the PML-N not only extended wholehearted support to the PPP govt but also became a part of the set-up to see implementation of CoD. But somehow, the PPPs priorities changed, resulting in present alarming conditions. Nawaz stressed the need for changing the attitude towards various issues in favour of a pro-people outlook, saying no single party or a class could present solutions of various issues. We need to make some basic decisions and move forward, he remarked, adding that the CoD was not of much importance now. Replying to question, he called for implementing the apex courts verdict on NRO for rooting out corruption from the system. He opined that the judiciary enjoyed the support of all segments of the society. Nawaz said it was not possible now to hide the truth from the people under any pretext and everyone must redefine his approach and actions according to Pakistans interests. He said a strong Pakistan would ensure that no one would dare to pressurise and threaten the country.