It was not surprisingly that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior expressed disbelief at the Interior Ministrys false confirmation that there was no Blackwater operating in the country. Members of the Standing Committee rightly said that it was impossible to ignore its presence in Pakistan. The Interior Ministry failed to answer the question about the increasing number of Americans in the federal capital, large scale renting of houses and the way in which these foreigners are disregarding the law of the land. The Standing Committee has also angrily stated that the American Embassy has been threatening MPs who criticise the murderous Blackwater for its unlawful activities. Now we all know that recently Blackwater changed its name to Xe Worldwide and is functioning in Pakistan as such. Since the Interior Ministry knows this more than anyone else, it is only trying to deceive the public when it says that Blackwater does not exist here. It was its duty that it should have informed the Standing Committee that the agency they were referring to is operating with the name of Xe Worldwide. Most importantly, the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates is on record having admitted that the agency was operating in the country. This again unmasks the federal set-up, especially its tendency to secretly collaborate with the US. It is amazing that the Interior Ministry would have the gall to take the parliamentarians for a ride, especially given Prime Minister Gilanis constant refrain that Parliament was supreme. The notorious security agency, which has been involved in war crimes in Iraq, is no doubt a serious threat to our national security. There have been countless media reports about its suspicious activities and ignoring the danger would be fatal. The bottom line is that the government must show the door to Xe Worldwide services as soon as possible.