The Balochistan route being used for Nato supplies in Afghanistan through Chaman border has been declared most dangerous after an estimated 112 attacks on the Nato tankers during which 254 vehicles were burnt and 50 people killed in the last three years. The attacks caused damages of billion of dollars on the resources of the Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan in addition to the death of innocent Pakistani drivers. Official sources said that two routes leading to the Chaman border were being used for the Nato supplies i.e. one through Qalat division and the other Bolan from Karachi port. In 2009, Nato supplies were kicked off through the two routes for the Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan. "At least 254 Nato tankers were torched, 50 drivers and cleaners of the Nato tankers were killed, 36 sustained injuries in 112 attacks launched by insurgents in ten districts of Balochistan during three years," official sources said. Most of the attacks on the Nato tankers were reported from Qalat division where some 90 Nato tankers were set ablaze in more then 60 terror attacks inflicting losses of millions of dollars on the Nato resources. The Nato tankers were attacked eleven times in Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, in which 42 tankers were torched. It is pertinent to be mentioned here that most of the criminals involved in the attacks on Nato supplies remained at large as very few number of them could be detained.