KARACHI- Deputy Parliamentary Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Haider Abbas Rizvi has strongly condemned the statement of PML-N President Nawaz Sharif against the MQM. While talking to the media, he said that it was Nawaz Sharif, who started the military action, extra-judicial killings and support of the terrorist organisations in the country. The MQM did not need any certificate from the PML-N, he stated. Rizvi said that it was actually Nawaz Sharif who was responsible for worsening of the situation in Karachi. 'Nawaz raised false hopes of the people of Sindh and always defrauded them either by imposing a military action or by overthrowing the elected government in order to accommodate his cronies, he said. He said Nawaz also set up Anti-Terrorist Courts for settling political scores in Sindh. He further stated that Nawaz also laid the foundation of large-scale corruption in the country as his family had a small foundry which was transformed into a mega business empire through 'massive corruption and kickbacks during his stints in the office as the then Prime Minister of the country. Haider Rizvi said that Nawaz always failed the nation in the time of crisis. He sought forgiveness from the Generals in order to save himself from the darkness of the jail. He said that the Nawaz twice formed coalition government with the MQM. He asked forgiveness for past mistakes in 1997 before forming the government with the MQM the second time, he added. He said that the situation in Karachi took a turn for the worst when Nawaz oversaw the bloodbath of innocent people and a large number of innocent people were persecuted and implicated in false cases.