MIANWALI - The people, who have been allotted houses in the two model villages constructed in the wake of 2010 floods destruction here, are anxiously waiting for the villages' inauguration which has been delayed as it had to be held on October 17, 2011. The delay in the Punjab chief minister's visit to the villages has made them more impatient. However, the district administration has prepared a helipad for the landing of the CM' helicopter and a five-feet stage for his address. The floods had caused widespread devastation and played havoc in Mianwali as a many villages were washed away during floods. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif during his visit to the areas, had promised to construct two model villages at Sharifabad in tehsil Isakhel and Ganda Khaney Khel. After a survey and other soil tests, the construction started on May 04, 2011 and the project of Sharifabad Model Village completed on October 12, 2011. It is at the boundary line of the Punjab province and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province near Dara Tang check post on the Mianwali-Bannu Highway. The village is 120.4 kanal while Ganda is comparatively small having 64 kanals of land. Both the model villages have an edge over other model villages of the Punjab because they are loadshedding free villages. As each house has its own solar energy, bio gas and electricity connections. These 5-merla houses have two 14x11 rooms, 7.5x16.5 feet corridor, 8x6.5 F kitchen 6.5x6.5F bath, 35x29 F courtyard with running water drainage and sewerage system. The village has divided into 12 blocks with 8 houses and each block has an Islamic or national heroes' names like of Khalid Bin Waleed, Sher Shah Soori blocks. Each village has a shopping centre, community centre, mosque, cattle sheds, veterinary dispensary, health centre a modern park with swings, monkey bars sliding etc. Both the parts have costly flowery plants, lush green grassy grounds a canopy in the centre with sitting benches. Each park has a compound wall with three entrances. Sharifabad Park was named after late Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi former Federal Minister who was the resident of village Ghaglanwala as Mujahid Millat Park. Both the govt primary schools for boys and girls have six specious rooms and a headmaster's room. The class rooms are airy having comfortable furniture, four ceiling fans a rostrum, with black and white boards. The computer lab was worth seeing with 12 latest computers besides two cupboards for library books. Both the schools have latest teaching kits models, charts and other audio visual aids. Likewise, the Ganda School has a thrilling name of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Ganda also has a women vocational centre as Fatima Jinnah Vocational Tainting Centre comprising two rooms and a compound wall to impart vocational training and skills to model and nearby villages' women. Moreover, Gevta has planned to start sewing, knitting and embroidery classes from Nov 2011. Underground water of Sharifabad was bitter and salty so tube well was installed at village Qabool Khel 2 km away and its water was stored in an overhead tank of 5,000 gallons to further flow into the houses when the resident of Ganda have their own electric motors as each house has its own overhead water tank. The DCO from his discretionary fund has installed three hand pumps at Ganda while another philanthropist has donated two electric coolers for each school. Begum Zakia Shahnawaz, an advisor to the chief minister, has played an important role in procuring funds and resources to make these model villages more comfortable, attractive and modern. Solar Energy contractor said that each house cost 42,000 rupees which would run a ceiling fan and two bulbs with three years guarantee and free service. During a visit to these villages, it was noted that after settlement of villages they would face all sort of problems including individuals' privacy as the compound wall are only five feet high and one can peep into neighbours' houses. In balloting, 100 families were allotted houses out of total 120 houses in Ganda. Thus, only twenty families were deprived in the draw. However, the people of Sharifabad were accusing one another of monopoly, corruption and wrong allotment of houses. They claimed that people who could not deserve got a house in the draw. The DCO has again formulated in consultation with Abdul Rehman Khan Babli, the former MPA, a committee consisting of the AC, TMO, Tehsildar and a journalist to once again scrutinise the winning people who were not deserving. Young people, women, and people from different walk of life in nearby village used to come daily to speculate the ongoing beatification work in these model villages they could not believe that the worst effected people who had lost all the things in floods would be valued.