KARACHI According to the WHO, 3.5 million children every year, die from respiratory infections and diarrhea-related diseases before the age of 5, says a press release. This is equal jet full of less than five olds crashing every hour of the day. 80pc of all these infections spread through our hands. The prevention is in our hands. Did you know that washing hands with soap cuts the incidence of diarrhea by up to 25pc and respiratory infections by 19pc? In essence, fighting germs can be quite simple. As the countrys leading antibacterial soap brand, Lifebuoys aims is to educate people on health and hygiene in Pakistan and to make them aware of the importance of washing hands with soap. In 2006, Lifebuoy launched a mission to make Pakistan healthy (Healthy Hoga Pakistan) and to educate students about the importance of hand washing in schools all over Pakistan. Lifebuoys Healthy Pakistan Mission formally started in schools in 2010, and has been led by Wasim Akarm as the brand ambassador. The objective of this mission was to empower students and teachers to bring about a habit change in their schools. Most ambitious students across Pakistan were selected as the vice-captains of Wasim Akram and were entrusted with the task of rolling out this mission in their schools. The slogan for the campaign is Healthy Hoga Pakistan