LAHORE The PTI, which claims to be a harbinger of change, is following the path of the traditional political forces -- in some cases at least -- to bring a change. As, it is difficult to determine in some cases that claimants of change are doing a public service by facilitating the masses with certain campaigns or simply following the path of tested political parties, which always focus political mileage from each of their public service action. The PTI recently concluded its public service campaign of dengue spray drive, which was not different from the traditional political parties, as party leaders and workers also, distributed leaflets with the pictures of PTI chief, urging the masses to support Imran Khan. One could not differentiate between the leaders of change and traditional leaders when they keep in mind the public service drive of the provincial government coupled with political campaign. A political observer smartly phrased the public service of leaders of change and traditional leaders regarding dengue by calling it 'dengue and political campaign goes together. The leaflet distributed during the PTI dengue spray campaign urged the masses to support partys series of 'Save Pakistan Movement. Several mature supporters of PTI are of the view that Imran Khan who gained fame from cricket then build a strong public image through Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital should not only make statements for becoming the source of winds of change but he should establish himself as a real revolutionary. Which, they added could become possible if Imran Khan restrain himself from following the practices and political trends of the traditional political parties. Meanwhile, sources in PTI claimed that Imran Khan met with Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan at his residence during his recent visit to London. The senator discussed with PTI chief about the chances of converting PTIs popularity graph into a real political force, which could be able to secure some seats in the next elections. However, the sources added that it was an informal meeting and Waqar hasnt talked about joining the PTI.