ISLAMABAD Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Wednesday directed the Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works to take action against the illegal occupants of official residences in federal capital and get the houses vacated from them immediately. A three-member bench ordered the secretary that the government houses should be allotted in accordance with the law and constitution. The court has reserved the judgment on the application of Mohammad Afzal, a stenographer at Federal Bureau of Revenue, which would be announced in next few days. The Chief Justice said that official residences should be allotted in a transparent manner and the case of Muhammad Afzal should be made a test case. He said the apex court was not against any individual but wanted the implementation of law, adding the corruption has become rampant in the country. The CJP asked the secretary that if somebody stops you from taking steps to make the procedure for allotment of official residences transparent then inform the apex court and they will protect you. The issue is not of less or more houses, but the residences available with the State House should be allotted on merit, the chief justice said. Secretary Ministry of Housing and Works Kamran Lashari informed the court that since 2009 till now 6,294 official residences were allotted out-of-turn. State Officer Asim said that a man Arshad Hussain application is pending since 1972, Syed Shahbir Ahmeds application since 1974 and Asif Shujja Khans application since 1977. The Chief Justice directed him to find out whether these persons are alive or not? He said that the court has been informed that an employee of Ministry of Housing got ouut-of-turn house in Islamabad The State Officer informed the court that there were 0.5 million employees working in the federal government departments, while there are only 17,000 houses available. He further said that this was the reason that people contact ministers or high-ups for obtaining the official residences. The chief justice asked the state officer that why do you depend on the court for your own works. He said that the officers of all government departments have to take bold steps, adding whatever they do should be on merit because the court wants that justice should be done with everyone. The chief justice addressing Kamran Lashari said he was very hopeful that the Secretary and the State Officer would take action against the culprits. The secretary and the State Officer assured the bench that complying the court order they would soon produce good results. The court reserved the judgment on the application of Mohammad Afzal.