Opposition leader in National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said petition will be filed in Supreme Court (SC) on Saturday against appointment of Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari as chairman NAB. We dont accept appointment of Fasih Bokhari as chairman NAB. President Zardari is not ready to appoint any person as chairman NAB who exposes his corruption. Zardari has made NAB a joke to serve his personal interest. How long this stage play will continue. We will bring it to end now. Supreme Court decision has come in Justice (Retd) Deedar Shah case and government has violated it. President Zardari 60 million dollars stashed in Swiss banks will come to national exchequer if NAB institution will be effective. After consultation with the experts it has been decided that I being opposition leader in National Assembly will file writ in Supreme Court on Saturday through counsel Barrister Akram Sheikh against appointment of Fasih Bokhari as chairman NAB, he said this while addressing a press conference in Punjab House here in Islamabad Thursday. It is laid down in the constitution that impartial government will be inducted in centre and provinces to hold general elections. If consultation process is held on the pattern it has been carried out for appointment of chairman NAB then perhaps President Zardari will appoint Rehman Malik as interim Prime Minister, he underlined. Responding to a question he said why the government is not writing letter to Switzerland government on NRO issue despite courts orders. Opposition leader cannot appoint chairman NAB but he gives his opinion only, he added. Opposition cannot bring its favorite as chairman NAB. There is no case of corruption against Nawaz Sharif, he stated. Incumbent government has become security risk for the country, he said adding as per Financial Times, President Zardari sent a secret message to US through admiral Mullen after Abbotabad incident that army can topple his government therefore, US should help him and then services chiefs will be replaced by those who will be pro US. This is a serious allegation which has been levelled against President Zardari. Prime Minister has also given no reply on this count, he stated. He went on to say if allegation was not correct then government should go for defamation suit against London based newspaper. Government should clear its position on this serious matter, he added. Government proposal to declare India Most Favourite Nation (MFN) was not in the national interest, he remarked. This is very vital issue. It is not correct to give status of MFN to India in the situation when India was not ready to budge even an inch from its stance. PML-N expresses its immense reservations over it, he said. He said India had always added to miseries of Pakistan. Therefore, declaring India MFN was insult of sentiments of people of Pakistan, he added. Replying to a question he said US secretary of state had expressed desire to meet Nawaz Sharif but he was proceeding to Turkey. If I meet Hillary Clinton I will talk to her about national interest. Now US rather than Pakistan will have to take decisions that as to how friendship has to be maintained with Pakistan. We are opposed to specific US thinking and not to US. Problems should be resolved with India through dialogue and not through war and Mian Nawaz Sharif had repeatedly said this, he remarked. Pakistani business community would suffer heavily if India was given status of MFN, he cautioned. This was not only a political issue but was also an economic issue, he underlined. No concession could be given to India by compromising on national interest and Kashmir issue, he held. Why President Zardari is worried over Mian Nawaz Sharif visit to Sindh, he questioned. PPP leadership was opposing Nawaz Sharif because people of Sindh had welcomed Nawaz Sharif beyond expectations, he observed. He indicated government had deferred DHA bill and PML-N would talk to government on this issue. Defence secretary would give briefing to PML-N on this matter, he told. He stated that several key political figures would announce to join PML-N within some weeks. When asked about Sheikh Rashid joining PML-N Chaudhry Nisar said he had no objection over joining of PML-N by any one. He said those having dual citizenship should not be allowed to become Member of Parliament.