Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has said that corruption of Sharif brothers would be exposed through an independent commission and those creating hurdles in Accountability bill would not escape from prosecution. Speaking at a Seminar "Fight against violence in Pakistan" here in Lahore on Thursday, the Governor said worst type of dictatorship was in place in Punjab in the name of democracy. He said the PML-N was free to hold as much marches and dharnas but President Zardari and the government would complete their constitutional term. He said he would seek the explanations of DCOs for utilizing government resources for the meetings of Nawaz Sharif. He said government offices were damaged and motorcycles of the poor were set ablaze under the supervision of PML-N during protests against loadshedding. He questioned the utilization of government machinery by Nawaz Sharif and pointed out that in what capacity he was using it as he was neither Governor nor the Chief Minister. He said after the expiry of ten year period, Nawaz Sharif has started taking part in active politics. The Governor said that those objecting over the appointment of NAB chairman were afraid of reopening of cases against them. He said if every case is to be handled by the Supreme Court then what the subordinate judiciary would do? Sardar Latif Khosa blamed that Raiwind palace, Ittefaq foundary, fake accounts in London and other assets and properties were made through corruption. He said corruption in politics is the hallmark of Sharifs and they have made politics a business. He said if their hands were clean, they would be happy over the appointment of NAB chairman. The Governor said during the past three years there has not been a single charge of corruption against President Zardari while Rs 45 billion were plundered in Punjab in the name of Sasti roti, Danish Schools, Yellow Cab scheme, Dengue spray. He questioned as to why the Provincial Government was not implementing the report prepared on the instruction s of the Supreme Court about devastations caused by floods last year.