The US Wednesday said it wants Pakistan, India and Afghanistan to share "good" and "constructive" relations between each other as this will ensure stability and peace in the South Asian region. "Our policy remains that we need good relations between Pakistan and India," State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said in Washington during his daily press briefing. Similarly, he said the US needs "good, constructive" relations between India and Afghanistan, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan so that the three nations can "prosper and increase stability and peace" in the region. "Certainly, an important element of that in Pakistan and elsewhere is strengthening democratic institutions and democratic governance," he said. In response to a question on the US issuing a travel alert to its citizens in India, Toner said the holiday season, particularly from October to January, has been a period when terrorists have carried out attacks across cities in India. He said recent Indian government advisories and local media reports increased indications that there are "terrorist attacks possibly in planning".