Sports Desk KARACHI - Former Pakistan coach and captain, Waqar Younis has urged the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB) Zaka Ashraf to give priority to the resumption of international cricket in the country. Waqar said although he doesn't know the new chairman, he would urge him to focus on the issue, which is hurting the progress and development of the Pakistani cricketers. "Getting foreign teams to tour Pakistan and ensuring resumption of international cricket in the country should be given top priority by Zaka Ashraf because international games not being played here is hurting our national team and the upcoming players," Waqar said. "I fear for the future of Pakistan cricket because you need to have international matches in the country to keep the sport moving forward. Our youngsters are also unable to get proper opportunities to move forward," he added. No foreign teams have toured Pakistan since March 2009 when militants attacked the Sri Lankan team in Lahore. Waqar also felt that in the selection of national team's new head coach, the board should ensure that the candidate understands Pakistan cricket and is committed towards it. "I don't think it matters whether we have a foreign coach or local coach, what matter is whosoever comes in must know Pakistan cricket and have pain for Pakistan cricket.