KARACHI  -  Dr Rabab Zehra of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Research Center has said that breast cancer is the most common cancer in females although this disease is also reported in male, but the number of incidences is very low.

According to comprehensive cancer surveillance database (GLOBOCAN) which is managed by the International Association of Cancer Registries, (IARC) the incidences of breast cancer have increased by more than 20 percent, while morality rate has increased by 14 percent in Pakistan.

This she stated while she was addressing to a seminar on women cancer awareness, held Mohammad Ali Jinnah Jinnah University, Karachi on the eve of World Cancer Day.

Dr Rabab Zehra told the seminar participants that in Pakistan, breast cancer is seen more common at a young age in female contrary to the west where it is more common after 60 years of age, regardless of race, ethnicity, heritage; they are at risk of developing breast cancer.

She said that the Age Standardise Incidence Rate (ASIR) of breast cancer is highest in Pakistan among the Asian countries is shows that approximately one in every eight Pakistani women is likely to suffer from breast cancer.

She told that unfortunately, the incidence rate in Pakistani women (50/100,000) is almost double as compare to neighboring country India (19/ 100,000) with similar socio-cultural background. Similarly, she said that the Age Standardised Morality Rate (ASMR) for Pakistan (GLOBOCAN 2012 estimate) was 25.2/100,000, which is again unfortunately highest among south Asian countries.

Dr Rabab Zehra said that the major reason for high ASMR, is the advance stage of disease at presentation, due lack of awareness and access to care, delayed clinical evolution, diagnosis and staging and absence of timely access to optimum treatment.