BADIN  - A number of government officials of grade 1 to grade 22 were deprived of benefits of group insurance at the time of their retirement.

Sindh government imposed ‘Sindh civil servant welfare rules’ during the year 1979, and deduction of group insurance from the salaries of employees was made mandatory for financial assistance of employees and officials keeping in view diseases, road mishap, disability, marriages of children, causality or death and any untoward incident and such laws and rules were introduced and persisting in federal government and provinces.

It was acknowledged, accepted and confessed rest of the states of the world that the tenure of insurance policies was minimum 10 to maximum 20 years and after such mature policies, companies were bound to pay to the policy holders with prescribed and pre-mentioned benefit but the civil servants of government of Sindh were sustaining illegal, irrelevant, non constitutional practice and violation of International insurance laws and rules in connection of group insurance for more than four decades.

Thousands of employees who served more than 35 to 40 years in different departments of government of Sindh and their deduction of group insurance was made from their salaries, at the time of their retirement, they were not paid single rupee of group insurance except those who died during the service due to restrictions and agreement made with insurance company causing inferiority and deprivation among the thousands of employees of Sindh government. On the other hand, government of Baluchistan, vide issued a notification on 15th of February, 2011, was benefiting and facilitating group insurance amount to the employees.