KARACHI  -  Sindh Police Inspector General (IG) Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Friday vowed to wage jihad against the anti-social elements involved in child abuse.  Imam urged parents, teachers and socio-political leaders and scholars to play their role to curb incidents of child abuse in the society. He said that police should perform their duties and eliminate such crimes from the society.

He said this at the concluding ceremony of a five-day session on forensic interviewing and child kidnapping at the Central Police Office. The session was organised by the US government. A total of 24 policemen from Sindh -- assistant sub-inspector to inspector -- participated in the session. During the session, policemen were trained about how to investigate a child abuse case and how to interrogate the suspects.

At the end of the session, the IG of Sindh thanked American Consul General Joanne Wagner and other guests for coming to the CPO. “The coordination of the United States of America and INL in various departments, especially in Sindh province, is very important,” said the IG. “Zainab’s case is a lesson for all those who have been involved in child kidnappings or child abuse,” he said.

The IG warned that the Sindh police are at a war against such elements and every single policeman of the Sindh police is fighting against this crime. He said that police consider this fight as jihad. “These people are actually not human beings,” he said. “Crime is crime.” He also requested parents, teachers and all others to report such cases to the police immediately because this is very important.

The consul general of the United States also addressed the participants. He said that he was very happy that the Sindh police were showing sincerity with the cases of child abuse.

He paid tribute to the martyrs of the Sindh Police who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. “American government’s coordination with the Sindh police has become a good example and this will continue,” he said. Additional IG for Karachi, DIG Headquarters, DIG Establishment and other senior police officials were also presented on the occasion.