SWABI - Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) candidate from PK-44 Swabi-II, Aqibullah Khan, has retained his win in recounting here on Friday and lead was further increased, said officials and leaders of the political party.

Ghulam Hassan, a leader of Awami National Party (ANP) and candidate of Swabi Democratic Alliance (SDA) had submitted an application for recounting on Monday and it was accepted by district returning officer.

The recounting had started on Tuesday and concluded on Friday. Earlier in the unofficial result, Aqibullah who is brother of National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser received 18,676 votes and Hassan 17,059 votes.

The number of the rejected votes has also increased. Earlier, there were 540 rejected votes but now the total number of the rejected votes has reached to 824 votes. The rejected votes of Aqibullah were 527 and Hassan 297.

After recounting, Aqibullah got 18,589 votes and Hassan 16,888. After the announcement of the recounting and official result, the PTI leaders and workers celebrated their victory.

Aqibullah who is expected to become minister said that he would not disappoint the people who voted him to power.  “It was support of the people that today we are celebrating the victory,” he said.

He said that PTI is a party of the people and due to this reason it had created history by coming to power for the second time in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Hassain said that winning and losing is part of the election contest and he would continue to serve the people despite testing defeat. “Whether we are ruling or in opposition, the ANP leaders would remain among the people,” he said.


Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: Rejecting Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa fiscal budget for 2018-19, opposition benches on Friday said that there is nothing in the budget for people’s welfare and the PTI’s claims have so far proved just empty slogans.

The KP Assembly met with Speaker Mushtaq Ghani in the chair. Taking part in the discussion on KP budget, the PPP MPA Nighat Orakzai said that opposition had rejected the budget. Giving five-minute time to each MPA for taking part in the discussion, at one stage the chair asked Nighat that she has already exceeded her time. However, she said that she needed more time. The speaker denied upon which, Nighat Orakzai boycotted the proceedings.

Another opposition MPA Nisar Gul from the MMA alleged that gas and oil royalty is not being given to his district Karak. He said if the government continued treating his district which is largely producing oil and gas, he would knock at the door of the court for its royalty.

ANP’s MPA Shagufta Malik said that billions were spent on constituting KP Ehtisab Commission, but unfortunately its recovery was just in thousands of rupees. She questioned who would make those accountable who wasted public money on such commission which failed to deliver.

ANP’s Sardar Hussian Babak said that there is nothing in the budget for people of the KP. There is neither mention of the CPEC nor of the projects specified for newly merged tribal district of erstwhile Fata.

He said that though the PTI-led government has promised in the budget construction of 10 colleges in Peshawar only, but unfortunately only Rs1 lakh has been allocated for it in the budget which he said was a joke with people of the metropolis.

KP senior minister Shehram Tarakai said that this budget is for the whole province not for specific districts. He said that he would consult the opposition and take it on board in making all major decisions.

PTI MPA Arbab Jehandad Khan reached the Assembly alongwith a kid who has allegedly been beaten up by police. Arbab waited to talk on point of order. However, the speaker did not give him time. Upon which the PTI MPA Arban Jehandad left the house.