BAHAWALNAGAR-Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar has declared that reasons that led PTI to defeat in Bahawalnagar district will definitely be ascertained and the party will be reorganised well before the upcoming local bodies elections.

Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar was talking to members of a PTI delegation from Bahawalnagar led District Traders Association General Secretary Sohail Khan. Ch Sarwar informed the delegation that a medical college would be completed soon to provide quality medical education to youth of this backward district at their doorsteps.

Talking to head of the delegation Sohail Khan, he promised to dig reasons behind the PTI defeat in district, adding that he would soon visit Bahawalnagar to reorganise the party. "The PTI's defeat in general elections in Bahawalnagar is an eye-opener and the party will be transformed into a strong force well before the local bodies elections," he pointed out. The governor said that the PTI leadership committed to bringing in tangible change in all spheres of life in the country.

On the occasion, the traders association general secretary apprised Ch Sarwar of the PTI's position in Bahawalnagar and briefed him on the political situation prevailed in the district. Mr. Upon which Ch Sarwar asked him to join PTI, saying it would benefit the party and Mr Khan as well. They also discuss measures to reorganise the party and how to gear up for the upcoming local bodies elections. Mr Khan thanked the governor for taking keen interest in the resolution problems of Bahawalnagar.

PTI District President (labour wing) Khawaja Muhammad Yousaf; senior vice president (youth wing) Rana Ali Sher; Azam Tahir; Muhammad Hussain Bodla and Rana Muhammad Falak Sher were also present on the occasion.