BEIJING - Close cooperation between Moscow and Beijing in international affairs contributes to ensuring global peace and stability, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday at a meeting with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu in Beijing.

On Thursday, Shoigu arrived in China to participate in a meeting of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission and to set the priorities of bilateral military cooperation for the next year. The commission meeting was held earlier on Friday.

"Russia and China have achieved significant results in all areas of cooperation, and close coordination and cooperation of the two countries in international affairs has become the key factor ... which contributes to [ensuring] global peace and stability," Xi was quoted as saying by the Chinese Defence Ministry.

China will continue working with Russia and is willing to strengthen bilateral cooperation and mutual support as the two countries will mark the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic relations next year, Xi stressed.

Russia and China maintain close cooperation in several areas including defence, energy and economy, as well as regular political dialogue at the UN Security Council and other international cooperation platforms. The Chinese Foreign Ministry defines Beijing's ties with Moscow as the "comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination."