ISLAMABAD      -     Spokesman of Finance Ministry, Omar Hamid Khan said that the measures taken by the government to stabilize economy of the country and restore investors’ confidence were yielding results as indicated by the latest data related to foreign direct investment. In a tweet here, he said that the foreign direct investment had surged by 112pc during the month of Sept 2019, which is highest in last 26 months. He said that during the first quarter of current fiscal year (July-September), the total foreign investments rose by 137pc. “Government’s measures to stabilize the economy and restore investor confidence are yielding results. Foreign direct investment went up by 112% in Sept 2019, the highest in last 26 months. During Jul-Sep 2019, total foreign investment rose 137%,” the spokesman tweeted. State Bank of Pakistan in its latest report said that the total foreign investments into the country increased from $374.1 million last year to Rs886.6m during July-September (2019-20), posting 137pc growth. While during the first quarter of the current fiscal year the foreign private investment increased by 51 percent, from $374.1m last year to $564.8m.