ISLAMABAD-The Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Islamabad seized 11 truckloads of smuggled goods worth minimum estimated value of over Rs120 million. The squad raided in the godown at Gunjmandi area of Rawalpindi on early Friday and seized 5 truckloads of imported cigarettes and 3 truckloads of costly Boski and Plachi cloth.

According to MCC Islamabad, it was a targeted operation, supported by a team of Rawalpindi Police.

The operation was led by Assistant Collector Rao Fahad, who was forced to take shelter in one of the plazas along with the custom staff for hours.

Stiff resistance was offered by the smugglers and trading communities. With a lot of difficulty, the senior custom officers arranged a reinforcement of the Police force to deal with the situation.

After 20-hour non-stop operation, the MCC team resultantly seized a huge quantity of foreign origin goods including banned items like Sheesha, cigarettes, cloth, cosmetics and other goods.

Meanwhile, the Loi Bher police station on Saturday recovered a 19-year old girl following application of her father about her kidnap, a police spokesman said.