KARACHI      -     Sindh Minister for Food Hari Ram Kishori Lal on Saturday rejected reports about wheat stock and made it clear that there was sufficient stock of wheat available in the province.

He said that considering needs of the domestic consumers the Food Department of Sindh had requested the federal government to provide 400,000 metric tonnes of wheat. He said that the federal government’s economic committee initially approved to give 100,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Sindh. The food minister said that the Sindh cabinet would soon announce official wheat price policy for the crop 2019-20 and then the Food Department would start selling wheat to the flourmills owners in accordance with the decided official rate. He assured the general public that the Sindh government would ensure the ample supply of wheat in the markets so that the domestic as well as the commercial consumers didn’t face any difficulty. Hari Ram Kishori also asked the people to not to heed to any propaganda.