KARACHI - The British High Commissioner in Pakistan, Robert Brinkley, has praised the endeavours of City Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal for initiating fast paced development activities in the provincial capital. During a visit to Civic Centre on Friday, the British High Commissioner who was accompanied by Deputy High Commissioner Robert Gibson called on City nazim at his office. He also paid a visit to City government's newly established Command & Control Centre and CCIMS 1339. Referring to development works carried on in Karachi, Brinkley said that a positive change had been seen during the last three years in Karachi. He said that this development process should be continued so that it could besides facilitating common men also solved their basic problems. He also appreciated the establishment of Citizen's Complaints and Information Management System (CCIMS) 1339. The British delegates said that the City of Karachi had made rapid progress in a very short period. They said that Karachi being one of the mega cities of the world, also facing numerous problems, however with the measures that had been taken by the City authorities during the last three years, various development projects had been completed mainly regarding traffic management, water, sewerage system and other problems. Brinkley also called it a good omen that the citizens in Karachi have also availed the modern facilities like CCIMS and Command and Control System which had been earlier provided only in developed countries. During the visit to Command & Control Centre, the City nazim gave briefing to the delegation on the wireless video surveillance system being introduced first time in any City of Pakistan. He said that the project was aimed at monitoring and securing civic infrastructure including flyovers, bridges and underpasses and now it had been decided to link all major roads and thoroughfares with this system. Kamal further informed the delegation that it has been adopted as a policy that all future road constructions would also include the installation of video surveillance cameras. He said that due to the measures taken by present City government, the city had already got the membership of the World Economic Forum where the leaders from all over the world acknowledged Karachi as a new hub of regional trade and commercial activities. The nazim said that a new culture of 24 hours work had been introduced in City government so that the citizens could be provided with top quality facilities in minimum time. He said that the City government had given special attention to all problems faced by the citizens including water, sewerage system and transport.