ISLAMABAD- Muhammad Ahmed, son of detained Dr Afia Siddiqui who has recently been reunited with Afia's family, is mentally unfit and even unable to remember his  name, said Dr Fouzia Siddiqui, the sister of detained Dr Afia. Addressing a Press conference here on Friday, Dr Fouzia Siddiqui appreciated the incumbent government, masses and media efforts in repatriating her nephew back to Pakistan. She also demanded of the government to make arrangement for the repatriation of Dr Afia's two other children, a five-year-old Sulman and 9-year-old Maryam. She maintained that her sister Dr Afia Siddiqui is not a terrorist but a victim of terror.    In reply to a question she said  "Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik and Secretary Interior Syed Kamal Shah have reassured her of their sincerest efforts both in locating and bringing Afia's two other children back to Pakistan. Dr Fouzia Siddiqui maintained that Rehman Malik and Secretary Interior Syed Kamal Shah are utlising each and every possible resources on Aafia's repatriation adding that both have met with Muhammad Dr Aafia's son Muhammad Ahmed son and agreed that the kid needs full medical check up, psychiatric evaluation as well mental rehabilitation to fully recover from the ordeal he went through. She further said that her nephew Muhammad Ahmed had lost his memories and having nightmares. In response to another question, Dr Fouzia Siddiqui said that her family members do not expect any sympathy from USA adding that US law enforcement agencies officials are kept torturing innocent Afia. Dr Fouzia Siddiqui thanked the nation for rendering their cooperation and termed her nephew Muhammad Ahmed's repatriation a victory to Pakistan. She appealed the masses to continue their support and cooperation until the repatriation of her detained sister Dr Afia Siddiqui.