KARACHI - The foreign direct investment has increased to 269 million dollars or 64.33 percent during July-August 2008, The Nation learnt on Friday. The FDI soared to 754.6 million dollars in that specific course of period from 458.8 million dollars witnessed in July-August FY08. The portfolio investment amounted to 110.8 million dollars, showing a decrease of 24.25 percent during the first two months of current half of FY09 as compared to 146.5 million dollars during Jul-August FY08. The inflow of foreign investment has amounted to $ 643.1 million or 105.96 percent during July-August FY09 depicting an increase of $ 331 million in the period under review.   Pakistan had received a total of 643.1 million dollars worth foreign investment in July-August FY09 from the inflow of 312.29 million dollars in the corresponding month of the last year. According to the latest break up of foreign investment, the total foreign private investment inflow with privatisation proceeds amounted to $ 644.7 million during respective two months of July-August 2008 or 71.81 percent against $375.2 million in the last corresponding period while the sum up of foreign private investment with out privatisation amounted to $644.7 million showing the same percentage of 71.8 percent in July-August-2008 versus $375.3 million in July-August 2007. The total foreign private investment received from developed countries amounted to 134.5 million dollars during July-August 2008 against 205.7 million dollars in the two months of previous year.  FDI from developed regions surged to 312.3 million dollars during July-August 2008 against 284.7 million dollars in July-August FY08 where as portfolio investment from said regions amounted to 177.7 million dollars in July-August 2008 from 79 million dollars during the last corresponding months of FY08. From Western Europe the total FDI amounted to $149.9 million during the said period against $ 125 million in the July-August 2008 while portfolio investment recorded at $56.8 million in the July-August-08 against $16.2 million during July-August2007.   From U.S.A Pakistan received 6.4 million dollars during July-August FY09 from 75.6 million dollar in July-August FY09. In foreign public investment in debt securities, total investment stood at 1.6 million dollars during FY09 from 63.0 million dollars during July-August FY08.                               - Erum Zaidi