KARACHI - The Karachi Mega City Development Project is an Asian Development assisted project which is going to be initiated in the City by CDGK. The project is aimed at supporting urban governance, planning, management, financing and providing and stimulating investment in urban infrastructure and service provision in the City. Informed sources said that in order to support this objective a sub project (study) had been initiated entitled "Comprehensive plan on Forestation and Aesthetic Plantation for Karachi," being undertaken by a landscape consultants. The study is supposed to conduct the survey of the existing plantation areas and identify gaps for rehabilitation and prepare Forestation Master Plan to beautify the City by extending tree cover, establishment of mini forests and aesthetic plantations and application of modern landscaping techniques to check greenhouse effect and to minimise threats to ecological integrity. According to the plan, there are three aspects covered under the comprehensive plan for Karachi which are forestation, aesthetic plantation, and landscaping. The plan will specially achieve the following objectives such as facilitate tree planting on private and public properties to help the City reach an overall tree canopy cover or more than 10 per cent. Encourage public participation and input in forest management in Karachi. Ensure through education and outreach efforts that all stakeholders appreciate the value of the trees and greenery. Develop strategies for the next generation of trees along streets, in yards and in parks. Past master planning and landscaping: Except Islamabad, none of the cities of Pakistan have a master plan for landscaping and plantation. This master plan considered landscaping as an item and incorporated it as an integral part of urban development of the capital city. In Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan, tree plantation along roads in parks residential societies, cantonments, government and private building, educational institutions, green belts, roundabouts, streets, farmlands and in industrial areas/sites has been carried out in the past and still continuing as a regular feature through short term tree plantation schemes. The main purpose of plantation was to increase greenery but the aspect of proper landscaping is missing. There was no master plan to achieve the long-term environmental objectives through the principals of landscaping. It is for the first time that a comprehensive plan on "forestation, aesthetic plantation and landscaping," for Karachi is being prepared through site - specific designs. In this context the initiative of CDGK is timely as the over all environment of the City is degrading.   Geographic context of Karachi: On the world map, Karachi is located on the coast of Arabian sea. Karachi is bounded by Arabian Sea in the south, Balochistan in the west, Dadu district in the north and Thatta district in the east. Malir and Lyari River pass through the City. Port of Karachi is a sheltered bay to the south west of the City protected from storms by the Sandpit beach, the Manora Island and the Oyster Rocks. Meanwhile, a one-day multi-stakeholder consulting seminar on sharing the draft final report about the plan, is being organised on Saturday (September 20), at conference room of CDGK, City Nazim Mustafa Kamal will chair the seminar. The seminar will feature presentation of the detailed report, provide the participants an opportunity to interact with different stakeholder and to contribute their knowledge and ideas towards the development of the plan.