ISLAMABAD - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked Pakistan to ensure implementation of sound economic policies for the stability of the national economy. The government should focus on the supply-side factors to control the rising inflation, said Mohsin S Khan, Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department of IMF. Mohsin Khan met President Asif Ali Zardari here Friday and discussed the country's economic situation with him. The IMF officials stressed the relative importance of monetary factors and structural supply-side factors for the country's inflation. Inflation, the consistent rise in essential commodities' prices, is on rise and making a major challenge to the economic managers. The official stressed the need for persistent implementation of sound economic policies and broad-based structural reforms. The previous and the sitting government have no answer to bring the prices of daily use under control. A ministerial level committee was formed by the previous government, which suggested correcting the supply-side. President Zardari said the country was facing economic crisis, however the government was striving to ensure the implementation of effective policies for the stability of national economy. The role of IMF includes surveillance, financial assistance and technical assistance to meet the changing needs of its member countries in an evolving world economy.