ISLAMABAD - Skyrocketing prices have made it almost next to  impossible for a common man to celebrate Eid as the traditional hustle and bustle in the twin cities markets  remained far less as compared to last few years. Eid preparations always start with the passage of first ten days of Ramazan as people started visited to the markets for Eid shopping, but still no such traditional rush was witnessed in the markets. The skyrocketing inflation has broken the back of the people . The prices of basic food commodities have increased to a extent that it has  reduced the purchasing power of the people and they have no more choice to reduce their Eid shopping comparing to the last year.   During a visit, conducted by TheNation, it was observed that people prefer to visit to markets like Raja bazaar, and commercial markets as they think that goods are available there at cheaper rates comparing to other markets of the twin cities. Amna Haq, a housewife, at Raja Bazaar, told this scribe that she has come from Islamabad to purchase clothes and other goods, as the prices of clothes are cheaper here. She said that it is very difficult for me to run the expenditure of home in the month of  Ramazan, as the income is low comparing to the expenditures. She further told that this year the Eid celebrations would be affected because of inflation tide . Majeed Ur Rehman a visitor, at Abpara Market told that this year he would buy clothes and shoes only for his children neither for himself nor for his wife as he has made lot of expenditures in the month of Ramazan. He said that I am a government servant, earning Rs 12,000 per month, which is not enough for  two-time meals, paying  utility bills, and fares of the public transport. In just nineteen days of this month I had spend all of my salary and now borrowed money from my friend for Eid shopping for my children. On the other hand, the shopkeepers were of the  opinion that the reason for low shopping is high prices of basic food commodities and petroleum products, which has bared the customer from Eid shopping this year. According to the markets sources, the sale were reduced by 50 percent in present year and still after passing almost twenty days of Ramazan the traditional crowd of people hasen't  seen yet.       While talking to TheNation, Muhammad Ibrahim, cloth dealers told that prices of clothes are almost same as it was few year back but their sale is very low due to the wave of inflation. He said that most of the customers in the market are busy window shopping and many of them went empty handed after knowing the prices of clothes.   Another merchant Maqbool Baloch at Aabpara Market said that our sale has reduced by 40 % this year comparing to last year.  He said that people dispute with the shopkeepers for increased prices, as they think they overcharge but the reality is quite different.