LAHORE - City lawyers has begun anti-America movement to protest US air attack on the innocent people of tribal areas. The movement has been started by Save Judiciary Committee (SJC) at the Lahore High Court Bar where on the first day of the protest Friday as many as 1,536 lawyers and others vented their resentment against American aggression on the tribal people by way of walking over a huge size American flag. The lawyers also chanted loud slogans against US calling upon the government not to provide any logistic supply to the US troops in Afghanistan if they continued to attack our areas in sheer violation of the international norms and UN charter on respecting sovereignty of other states. Chairman of the Committee, Abdul Rashid Qureshi, Secretary of the Committee Mian Jamil Akhtar, Dr A Basit, Dr Farooq Hassan, Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari, Khadim Hussain Qaiser, Nawab Saeeedullah Khan, Khawar Mahmood Khatana, Amna Ajmal, Sibtain Akhtar Bokhari and Allah Buksh Gondal were also present among others at the SJC camp. Rashid Qureshi and Mian Jamil Akhtar stated that until America would apologize for its un-provocative attacks on the Pakistanis in the tribal areas and gave reparation for the life losses to victim families, lawyers' protest would continue. The participants in the Camp also chanted slogans for the reinstatement of deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry and others who did not accept PCO as valid piece of legislation as such have defied the government offer for re-appointment and fresh oath. Meanwhile, city lawyers on Friday continued token boycott and hunger strike as protest against the November 3 PCO act by General Pervez Musharraf whereof Justice Chaudhry and others were sacked from office unconstitutionally. 329 shopkeepers fined Special magistrates challaned 329 shopkeepers for selling atta and other commodities at inflated rates during the last three days. The magistrates registered cases against 88 shopkeepers while seven of them were put behind the bars for 3-5 days after summary trial. The magistrates also imposed a collective fine amounting to Rs 417,000.