LAHORE - An active member of 'Pathar Group', a symbol of terror for both the local citizens and the Police Department, has been arrested, The Nation has reliably learnt on Friday. The notorious criminal was arrested red-handed while he was about to hit his target in Green Town area. The arrested criminal confessed to his crime saying that he had killed several people in the areas of Green Town, Township, Liaquatabad, Kotlakhpat and Johar Town areas. He has been shifted to an undisclosed location for further interrogation. The Lahore Police Dept termed it a big achievement before Eid. The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) SP Umer Virk confirmed the arrest of the criminal. The higher police authorities, which were under immense pressure due to high number of killing of innocent people by the Patthar Group, took sigh of relief over the arrest of the criminal. It is pertinent to mention here that the said group was creating terror in the provincial capital for the last several years. It had claimed lives of dozens of people and injuries to several others. Modus operandi of the said group was that it used to smash  heads of their 'prey' with repeated strikes of the hard objectives especially cemented bricks. The said group always remained at the top of the agenda of the Police Department's meetings but despite all efforts could not be traced. On Thursday, the source said, CIA police were informed about a suspected man who entered a house carrying a brick in his hands. The CIA police rushed to the spot and surrounded the house and arrested the criminal red-handed. SP CIA Umer Virk confirmed the arrest of an active member of the Pathar Group terming it a big achievement. He said that the arrested member of the group was 35 years of age. He said that the said criminal was not a local resident and refused to give further details in this regard. He ,however, confirmed that the member of the group has confessed his crime.