LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that improvement of public transport system is among the priorities of the government and a comprehensive strategy has been adopted for this purpose. This was stated by him during a briefing given by former Mayor of Bogot (Columbia) and an expert in Urban Development, Enrique Penalosa regarding improvement of public transport system in Lahore and urban development, here on Friday. Provincial Minister Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, Member Punjab Assembly, Hafiz Mian Muhammad Nauman, Khawaja Ahmad Hasaan, Home Secretary, Secretary Transport, Director General LDA, Managing Director NESPAK, experts and concerned officials were also present on the occasion. He said that population growth and haphazard expansion of cities had resulted in traffic problems. He said that public transport system will be modernized for time saving and removing traffic jams and other problems. He said that measures were being taken for providing a comfortable and efficient public transport system to the people and foreign investment would also be encouraged in this regard. The CM said that improvement of public transport system had always been among his priorities and he had also taken effective steps for its betterment during his last tenure and had imported modern air-conditioned buses. He said that he had personally observed traffic jams and hardships of the people during last four months. He said that time is money and it should be utilised in the best possible manner. He said that better public transport and smooth flow of traffic would not only help in saving precious time but also protecting the people from mental agony. He said that Punjab government has started mega development projects and construction of roads in the province and footpaths, service lanes and green belts are also being set up along the roads. Shahbaz said that effective measures were also being taken for renovation of gardens in the provincial metropolis and services of experts have also been acquired for transforming Lahore into the City of Gardens again. He said that pedestrian bridges were also being constructed at different places and a special Task Force has been set up for the improvement of public transport system. He said that improvement of standard of living of the masses was his mission and all out resources would be utilized for this purpose. He said that full benefit would be taken from the comprehensive briefing of former Mayor of Bogot (Columbia) Enrique Penalosa and his practicable proposals would be implemented for the beatification of the city. Earlier, Enrique Penalosa in his briefing said that traffic problems can be overcome by improving public transport system. He said that special lanes for cyclists and footpaths for pedestrian should be constructed along all roads and the number of cars should be minimized and proper planning should be carried out for this purpose. The participants of the meeting also submitted their proposals.