ISLAMABAD - The recent increase in the prices of Kerosene oil has further added to the miseries of the people, leaving them with no option other than putting their stoves off. The less-privileged and poor segment of the society are the worst hit of recent increase in Kerosene oil price. Majority of the poor people living in far-flung rural areas of Capital use kerosene oil for setting the woods on fire to prepare meal as they have no Sui-Gas facility are ahead with numerous problems as well as the people who use LPG cylinder are also facing problems due to lack of LPG. A survey conducted by TheNation revealed that the kerosene oil is being sold at various markets at a price of Rs 70 per liter, which is beyond the purchasing limit of the poor people. The residents of different areas of Islamabad including Barri Imam, MulPur, Banni Gala, Pulgrahan, Mera Valley have demanded of the government to reduce the price of Kerosene oil to enable them to have three time meal. While talking to this scribe, Nasreen Bibi resident of Pulgrahn said, "I couldn't purchase kerosene oil for domestic use, which is being sold at Rs 70 per liter. I just can't afford to purchase it and without using Kerosene oil I am facing problems to prepare food particularly on Sehre and Iftar times" she added. Though the incumbent government has reduced Petrol price but on the side increased the prices of diesel and Kerosene, remarked Asad Iqbal a carpenter resident of Bari Imam adding "Petrol is mostly use by the well-off people for their vehicle but kerosene oil is mostly being used by the poor people which is discrimination with poor people of the country" he lamented. He further said that price hike of diesel has also badly affected the poor people as transporters are charging fares of their own choice. It is worth mentioning here that due to the increase in kerosene oil prices, the business of poor vendors have also been affected.