ISLAMABAD (APP) - No haggling can be done with tailors who are lurking these days in every nook and corner of the twin cities just as elsewhere in the country to make money. In the holy month of Ramazan, tailors are busy like bees even in ungodly hours, making quick bucks with both hands in every small and large scale market and the people have no option but to yield to have their suits sewn for the Eid-ul-Fittar. "Asal Eid tho hamari ha (the real eid is ours)", Tufail Khan, a tailor,sorting out piece of cloth meant for sewing in his shop remarked when asked for comments on his business before Eid ul Fittar.   Not only Tufail Khan but almost all tailors of the twin cities are besieged with deluge of orders pouring in same frequency equally from male and female irrespective of age, as the holy festival approaches nearer. Whether it is day or night, that matters very little for these determined and hard working class of the society, if you are to praise them at all and condone their periodic practice in Ramazan of fleecing customers who are standing between the devil and the deep see -either to embrace the eid in his or her old suit made out last year or pay the hefty charges to these workers. "We have been reading the famous proverb that every day is not Sunday but these people(tailors) enjoy every day as sunday throughout the holy month of Ramazan", remarked Gharat Khatoon lumbered with bundle of suits while making entreaties to a stubborn tailor to get her suit prepared. They charge from Rs 250 to 500 or more to each customer for stitching a Shalwar Kameez and a single tailor can sew upto 10 suits in a day. But during the last ten days of Ramazan, overcharging turns to be a matter of secondary importance, as the real question is whether a customer succeeds to bring a tailor round and take orders. They apply different tactics to publicize his business or subject customers to paying extra amount. They display a paper or banner inscribed with writing such as" booking is closed", striking passers-by's mind towards their popularity and when a customer dashes to their shop and ask for sewing his or her suit to be prepared in time, they come up with a sole option to pay extra money to fulfil the orders on emergency basis. But one must not be so cynic about tailors as children, innocent of their parents' compulsions also help the tailors augment their wages during these auspicious days for they turn to be adamant army officers who do not have word 'comprise' in their book. "Mein nay saray kapray darzi ankle ko diya han (I have given all my suits to a tailor)", said Naila, 5, holding her mother's finger at Karachi Company. Secondly, in our society soon after the holy month of Ramazan, season for marriage sets in, which contributes adequately to provide an opportunity to the tailors to exact money as much as they demand. "Yeh shadiyan aur eidan tho han, yar, eskay baad kon humara puchta ha, tho abi kuch bana nay do (only these are seasons of marriages and Eid provide us an opportunity to earn more money, after that one asks about us)," said Shah Zaman working at I-9/4 said.         When such topic was broached with a another tailor Zahid Kamal at I-10 markaz, he said these tactics could not be generalized as tailors wereoverburdened and most of them had almost done taking orders and would soon start working behind closed shutters. "I am already overburdened with Eid orders and I cannot handle any more orders," the tailor said, adding that orders were entertained on a first-come-first-serve basis.