KARACHI - Meena Bazaar is always an attractive place for shoppers. Women buyers who tend to buy good stuff at cheaper rates often flock a circular-structured building in Karimabad. The first floor of the building is completely owned by the women shopkeepers who are mastered in the art of selling and didn't lose their customers once they'd arrived to their shops. From ladies garments to lingerie, beauty parlour set-up to facial, manicure and pedicure, to henna-applying in hands and feet, all the womanish items have been collected under one roof. The Meena Bazaar was established in 1970 to help poor and needy women in order to help them established as entrepreneurs. The bazaar gained immense popularity amongst the masses and is frequently visited by the women from all walks of life. Meena Bazaar, though, still holds high appeal for women during the pre-Eid shopping spree and more importantly during the wedding season in December, women from all sectors of society thronged to this place to get their demands fulfilled. The bazaar is exclusively for women and the vendors are also women, who give life to the market with their constant chitter-chatter. Eid-hype starts right from the beginning of Ramazan in City. In contrast to the rest of the City shopping areas which gain momentum after the 15th of Ramazan, the Meena Bazaar goes off right from the first day of Ramazan till chand raat. The bazaar is unique in its own way, with women flocking around from every nook and corner. Some came with their children which added more noise to the already resonant bargains. The interesting phenomena is that there is only one such bazaar in the City which caters the needs of women only and no one think of establishing another of the same kind.  Setting up of these bazaars is like a haven for those women who are divorced, single, needy and childless. Because in this way they can earn their livelihood in a more better and respectable manner.