LAHORE - After Charter of Democracy, PML-N has started homework on sketching Charter of Pakistan which envelopes measures such as making foreign policy in accordance with national interests, solving national issues through Parliament, delineating civil and military relationship and in particular improving economic condition of the country. The charter will involve rulers, politicians, Army and stakeholders of other state institutions. As per reliable sources in PML-N, what Nawaz Sharif had alluded as constitutional change, only meant that PML-N would not become a part-taker in any move to destabilise the system to tumble the government, and in case there was any move from any side or quarter, it should be Constitution based. There is no justification for a national or caretaker government in the present situation while there are elected governments and a representative Parliament, the sources said. They further said that the news about any type of change in the country had no connection with political parties or any change from within the Parliament, rather it was an act of those who always looked for backdoors to have access to power. PML-Ns deliberation of the performance of the government focussed two main issues: corruption and governance. PML-N leadership and its parliamentarians had serious concerns in this regard, but Nawaz Sharif, despite his very grave reservations, kept firm to his stance that his party should not become a part of any such process which was meant for destabilising the democratic system and pushing the government out of power, thus to establish a set-up which was answerable to someone else rather than to the people and the Constitution. The sources said that there was no deadlock between them and the government and that they had always drawn attention of the government and the rulers to their policies, steps and the plight of the masses. Accordingly, the sources clarified that neither they liked to pose any threat to the government, nor did they think that there was any danger for it. There is no doubt that the country is in the clutches of problems and people are disappointed and frustrated, the sources maintained. They vowed that they would continue to exert pressure on the government in this regard and put stress on it to streamline its policies and to keep to the right track.