Islamabad - The Islamabad Capital Territory administration yesterday sealed 13 hospitals and arrested 12 quacks for doing illegal medical practice in various parts of the city.

Additional Deputy Commissioner General (ADC-G) Abdul Sattar Isani told APP that on the directives of Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, the ICT teams conducted raids against illegal hospitals, fake doctors, hakeems and sub-standard drug sellers in the Federal Capital. According to details, the ICT teams raided the clinics and hospitals in areas of Bari Imam, Chatha Bakhtawar and Sawan. During the inspections of hospitals, the teams also seized sub-standard and expired medicines.

The ADCG said the hospitals were sealed due to their pathetic conditions and 12 non-qualified and fake doctors were arrested for playing with the lives of citizens. The clinic/hospitals sealed during the campaign in Bari Imam include Alwahab Clinic, Imran Clinic, Usman Clinic, Ali Clinic, Alsabor Clinic, Saadi Clinic and Huma Clinic.

Similarly, Sadaat Medical Centre, Alshafa Clinic and Ahmad Medical Centre were sealed in Sohan and Wada Rehabilitation Clinic and Ayesha clinic were sealed in Chatha Bakhtawar.

The ICT administration has come in action against fake doctors after provision of veterinary drugs to locals was revealed. Several so-called doctors have been put behind bars after they were accused of injecting veterinary medicines in locals as part of treatment.