Islamabad - Secretary General All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Dr Muhammad Amjad has said that role of armed forces in tacking security and other challenges faced by the country is laudable.

In a statement issued here yesterday, Dr Muhammad Amjad said that armed forces of country always stood firm when the country was in trouble thought it were the security challenges or natural disasters and our soldiers sacrificed their lives to save the country and its people. He criticised the role of politicians in the prevailing circumstances and for paying least attention towards problems faced by masses and preferring personal interests over national interests. The APML SG said that so-called leaders who claim to be champions of democracy had did nothing to provide relief to poor masses and their entire politics was aimed at safeguarding personal or party interests. He said that the Musharraf during his tenure instead of extending lip services only took solid steps to provide maximum relief to common man and improving his living standard.

Dr. Amjad said that despite wide spread allegations and probe not a single penny corruption has been proved against APML chief.