New York: Most of us have vivid memories of losing our first tooth. But one little girl in the US decided she wanted her experience to be downright unique, asking her dad to help her take it out using a drone. Yes, a drone.

In the video, the girl’s very excited father says that “[we’re] pulling out a tooth today with a drone.”

He then attaches one end of dental floss to the contraption, and the other end to his daughter’s wobbly incisor.

The girl, who looks just a bit nervous, stands still as her father gets the drone flying in the air.

Once the drone is airborne, the father asks his daughter if she’s ready for what’s coming next (apparently, she is).

Counting down from three to one, he then controls the drone to pull out her tooth.

The tooth is promptly yanked out, and all and sundry whoop with excitement as the girl searches the ground for her missing molar.

Another person can be heard on the video saying, “I can see the little tooth coming in.”

It’s unclear when or where the clip was filmed or who the family is, but the video has become a viral hit.

Makes a paltry visit from the tooth fairy seem positively ancient