S: Why is it that when we start feeling a certain sense of security, these terrorists strike again and scatter all our hopes of a peaceful country.

A: We are at war after all Sadiq, it would be foolish to assume that they will just quietly pack their bags and move to wherever they came from. Retaliation is always expected from the enemy.

S: The attack on the Pakistan Air Force’s base camp in Badaber, and other incidences like these really burst our bubble of false security. It gives us the grim picture that we are indeed at war and anything can happen at any point in time. Lahore could be next, or any given city. The army is doing a great job and we very much support them whole-heartedly. But maybe they should stop feeding this false image that all is hunky dory and stick to some degree of the truth?

A: They have their reasons for not being entirely truthful. Think of all the panic it would create if they started giving out lists of names of terrorist organisation operating within our cities? People would stop sending their children to school and their spouses to work. The army must maintain peace and order, be it untruthful, or through a fabricated blanket of lies.

S: I feel we are given too less credit as a resilient nation. We are used to living in the fear of the unknown. I think we can handle the truth, be it ugly or unnerving. Pakistanis need to know the extent of the operation, how successful it is and how many more years are we expecting this to last. After all aren’t we paying for it with our hard earned money?