Islamabad - The leadership of Sunni Tehreek said yesterday that Islam has nothing to do with killing of innocent people and those engaged in such activities are enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

Addressing a convention here, central leader of Sunni Tehreek Mohammad Shahid Ghori dubbed the organisation like Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Nusra and Daesh as agents of Jews who were out to present the distorted face of Islam whereas Islam has nothing to do with the killings of innocent people.

Referring to the killings of people offering prayers in mosque in Badahber the other day by terrorists Ghori condemned this savage act, adding that no Muslim could even think of killing his fellow Muslims.

Praising the efforts of Pakistan Army against the menace of terrorism he said that whole nation was standing behind the Armed forces in the war against terror and would take it to its logical conclusion.

He especially paid glowing tributes to Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif for his unflinching commitment to weeding out this menace from the motherland.

He announced bringing out a Defence of Pakistan rally on October 4 from Rawalpindi, and would culminate it at Aabpara, Islamabad, to show solidarity with the armed forces of the country.

Cautioning the rulers from both internal and external threats he stressed the need of all those supporting and funding these militants within the country and also demanded of the government to expose the states sponsoring these elements in Pakistan.

The other speakers on the occasion demanded of the government to launch crackdown on those funding and sponsoring militants in Pakistan and award them exemplary punishment.

The participants of the convention also offered Fateha for Badehber martyrs and said that their sacrifices would provide a new base for bringing peace and stability in the country as nation would get a new spirit from these sacrifices against the terrorists and their nefarious designs.