Karachi: A suicide bomber detonated his suicide jacket in Malir's Rifa-i-Aam Society today, during a raid conducted by police and other law enforcement agencies in the area.

Two policemen were injured during the raid. The injured policemen were admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

According to reports, a team comprising police and other law enforcement agencies headed by Senior Superintendent Police Malir Rao Anwar was conducting a raid in Kehkashan Society. The suspect Farhan alias 'Pehlwan' was believed to be hiding there. The team exchanged fire with the suspect who fired back, shooting one policeman in the stomach and another in the leg. He then hurled two hand grenades, one of which exploded, before detonating his suicide jacket.

Farhan is suspected of targeted killing of police officers and Rangers personnel, and affiliated with Al Qaeda. The weapon used by the suspect was sent to a forensics lab for further investigation.

Earlier this month, Karachi Police AIG Mushtaq Maher claimed that 3,000 hardcore criminals had been arrested, while 246 terrorists, 38 kidnappers and ten extortionists had been killed so far in police encounters.

Rangers’ spokesman Colonel Amjad maintained that 913 terrorists including 550 target killers were nabbed while 15,400 illegal weapons were recovered from the custody of criminals operating within the city.

Senior Superintendent Police Malir Rao Anwar, who led the raiding team, told reporters that the bomber belonged to a group of wanted militants involved in attacks on top government and police officials.

"We had information that the (bomber's) group had previously targeted some important police officers and government officials. We have identified him as Farhan, the name which he was using to live in this house here, but he was also known as Pehlwan in his group. We are carrying out further investigation," he said.

SSP Anwar said that Farhan's criminal record would soon be released to the media. Police and Rangers personnel sealed off the entry and exit routes of the area after the incident.