ISLAMABAD - Government hospitals of the federal capital are facing influx of dengue patients as the toll has reached above 800 in two days, The Nation learnt on Thursday.

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic hospital received 818 dengue patients in last two days and 85 were retained in hospitals.

Officials said that Polyclinic hospital received 309 patients in last 48 hours and 43 were admitted. Meanwhile, 509 patients were confirmed with dengue virus and 42 were retained there. 

Officials also said that hospitals are getting overcrowded due to increasing influx of dengue patients being brought from different areas of the city and nearby districts.

Polyclinic Spokesperson Dr. Shareef Astori updating on the dengue situation said that the number of patients is increasing and hospital is catering a large number of dengue patients daily.   He said that over 40 patients confirmed with dengue virus were admitted in hospital and over 300 were discharged after the required treatment.  He said that though the hospital has arranged special isolation wards for dengue patients but it is difficult to cater the huge influx of patients. 

He said that the hospital administration admits the patient with critical situation while the one who could get medication at home is discharged.

He said that the medical professionals are available in the dengue ward but the city administration still needs to continue the fumigation in the areas to control the spread.  He said that if any patient feels severe headache with high fever, muscle and joint pain, pain behind the eyes, nausea and vomiting and rash on skin, he/she must consult doctor for dengue test.

Dr. Shareef said that more than the treatment, dengue virus needs to be prevented. He said patients advised home based care should take plenty of fluids, nutrition food and paracetamol for fever and pain.

Dr. Waseem Khawaja from PIMS said that the hospital is catering dengue patients from far flung areas including Murree and Kashmir.

He said that hospital has arranged more bed nets for the dengue patients but the number patients is still increasing and will continue for next one month.

He said that hospital as per its available resources has arranged maximum facilities for dengue patients. He added that intense fumigation in under developed areas is necessary to decrease the number of patients.

Earlier, National Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Network distributed 210 bed nets in four public sector hospitals of the city.

The notice issued in this regard said that keeping in view the recent surge in the number of suspected dengue fever cases reported from different parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it is imperative to be vigilant about the situation and take necessary steps to limit and control further transformation of dengue fever.