ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Interior on Thursday rebutted some points of an interview of Lord Nazir, which was carried by a section of the press, denying Pakistani government’s efforts in getting red notices issued for MQM founder Altaf Hussain through Interpol.

Lord Nazir had said that the interior ministry did not send any request to Interpol for issuing red notices for Altaf.  A spokesperson for the ministry said that some of the points raised by Lord Nazir during his interview were blatantly incorrect and reflected adversely on Pakistan as a country fighting international crime and cooperating with other countries.

Strongly contradicting certain assertions made by Lord Nazir during his interview with regards to efforts made by the government of Pakistan in pursuing Dr Imran Farooq murder case, money laundering and incitement to violence cases against Altaf, the spokesperson said that his views clearly reflected that either he was unaware of the ground facts or a deliberate attempt was made on his part to hide factual position by making surprisingly sweeping and misleading statements.

 The spokesperson said that contrary to what was stated by Lord Nazir, the government of Pakistan had sent a formal reference to Interpol for the issuance of red warrants for Altaf on February 19. However, the Interpol had sought more details and the cut-off date for the provision of the required information was May 13. The Ministry of Interior will send the additional details asked for before that date, he said.

The spokesperson said the present has made serious efforts to take the cases of murder of Dr Imran Farooq, money-laundering and incitement to violence to their logical conclusion and has extended maximum possible cooperation to the British authorities.

He said that the Interior Minister was also on record saying that the government was willing to go to any extent in extending cooperation with the British authorities, on a reciprocal basis, in this particular matter.