LAHORE - Lawyers have stressed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should step down so that he could not influence the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

SCBA Secretary Aftab Bajwa said through their decision, the judges had “laid their hands on the corruption of the rulers”. But, he added that Nawaz  should leave his office so that the JIT could probe the matter independently.

He said the judges had written their own notes and now the ball was in the court of investigators. “Had the JIT been formed under the supervision of a judge either from high court or from SC, it would have been the best,” he said, adding that they would call an executive committee meeting to device their future line of action.

LHCBA Secretary Aamir Saeed said the decision had “brought the PM into dock”. He said they would also start a movement against the PM. 

LBA Vice President Irfan Tarar said he strongly endorsed the note written by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa.

Senior lawyer Azhar Siddique said Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and Justice Gulzar Ahmad had clearly mentioned that Nawaz should be disqualified. “I openly say that three judges are biased. They have given room to the government like they have done in the case of Orange Line,” Azhar Siddique said, and doubted the JIT fairness under Nawaz as PM. Azhar suggested that PTI should file review.

Former law minister Dr Khalid Ranjha said the PM had been provided room. “The decision hardly will be remembered for 50 days, though it was said it would be remembered for 50 years,” Dr Ranjha said.

He, however, said the two judges had written that the PM was dishonest and none of the other three judges had opposed them, which meant that the PM, legally and morally, had lost justification to continue with his office. “It is good for the PM to step down.”