LAHORE - PML-N workers celebrated the judgement by distributing sweets and dancing on drum beats. The centre of celebrations by ruling party was the prime minister constituency, NA-120, where hundreds of workers took to the street and chanted slogans in favour of Nawaz.

MPA Majid Zahood addressed the charged workers in the Mozang Road office, and later he led them to the Lahore Press Club where workers from different other constituencies were already gathered to join them.

Dozens of PML-N workers took out a separate rally on The Mall, holding party flags and flexes bearing PM pictures inscribed with slogans, “Nawaz Sharif teray jannisar, beshumar, beshumar”, and “Nawaz Sharif tera aik ishara, hazir hazir lahu hamara.” Celebrations were also made in Ghari Shahu and Walled City areas.

OPP response

Unlike the PML-N whose workers celebrated the SC judgment on roads and party offices, the main stream opposition parties exhibited a lackluster response to the decision.  Though the local PTI leadership had made arrangement to show live telecast of the SC judgment to its workers at its Model Town office, other parties including the PPP and JI had planned no such activity in the city. Instead, they had asked their leaders and workers to converge at the federal capital . Also, there was no point to celebrate the decision since the prime minister had not been disqualified as per their expectations.