LAHORE - The Supreme Court has held Nawaz Sharif ‘not an honest man’ due to which he has lost his eligibility to be member of the Parliament, former chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary said on Thursday.

The former CJP endorsed the judgment saying all the bench members had observed that Nawaz Sharif was not an honest man. “Two judges have termed him dishonest while remarks of other three are also against him (the PM),” he added.

Chaudhary expressed these views while commenting on the SC’s verdict regarding Panama leaks case against Sharif family during a TV programme.

Interpreting the judgment, the former CJP said “a person against whom an FIR is registered is called accused, so now Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would appear like an accused before the Joint Investigation Team to be constituted to hold further investigation”.

“Nawaz Sharif will appear before JIT as an accused,” he said, adding that “killers like Ajmal Pahari and Kamran Madhori appear before the JIT.”

The 20th chief justice of Pakistan, who led a legal fight against former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, said PM Nawaz has lost his legal and moral justification to remain even as member of the Parliament.

“Two judges have clearly given the judgment of ineligibility against Nawaz Sharif and all of them have written him dishonest in their separate notes,” Chaudhary said.

However, he questioned the functioning of Joint Investigation Team, saying the JIT could not work independently as long as Nawaz Sharif is Prime Minister.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary said the case was about London flats and other assets made, as well as the trail of the money, but none of the Sharif family members including Nawaz Sharif could submit solid evidence to the court that how they made all this.

“The court has also drawn attention to this point that Nawaz Sharif in his speech did not mention Qatari letter and investment and later provided all these things as evidence which clearly meant that he spoke lie to the public.

“It was also not clear in the agreement provided to the court that when did they purchased London flats,” he said and added that the copy of the agreement provided by Mian Nawaz Sharif was fake.

“All these points show that the decision was against Nawaz Sharif,” the former CJP said, wondering why the ruling party was distributing sweets among its workers.