OKARA -  People across the district are suffering from great ordeal due to the prolonged and unscheduled power outages being conducted in the scorching heat.

A survey report conducted by this correspondent reveals that 12 hours loadshedding is being conducted in the district which has left the residents unable to carry out their routine works even at homes. Similarly, the prolonged outages have left the trading community unable to fulfil market demands. In rural areas, the situation is worst as electricity remains suspended all the night. The prolonged outages have also created shortage of water and adversely affected the supply of water to different areas of the district. Various NGOs, trade unions and civil society staged several protests against the Fesco but to no avail.

Citizens belonging to all walks of life demanded the government to take effective steps to overcome the energy crisis. They also urged the government to fulfil the promise regarding elimination of loadshedding. According to official sources, DPO Hassan Asad Alvi also had a meeting with the Okara Fesco Xen and urged him to rationalise schedule of the loadshedding.