MIRPURKHAS - Frequent power failure and unscheduled long loadshedding in persisting severe heat wave aggravated the problems of the masses here for last few weeks.

Report said that loadshedding continued for 12 to 14 hours without any schedule causing great hardships to the people even in sizzling season.

Presence of government staff and students and teachers in schools has decreased due to unfavorable season and long load shedding.

Government and private hospitals administration compelled to suffer additional burden of using the fuel to operate the generator.

Business activities remained suspended owing to frequent power failure. While dozens of affected patients of heat stroke approached to civil hospital for getting first aid.

Small industries were off and reduce their production owing to unannounced long load shedding.

Different NGOs have strongly condemned the hesco Mirpurkhas division for its long 12 to 14 hours long load shedding in the hesco Mirpurkhas division. They lamented that long load shedding without schedule had caused increasing the difficulties of the people and miserable life.

They demanded the hesco chief to take immediate notice into this matter, ensure reducing the load shedding till 4 hours to ensure business activities and restoration of daily life.