KAMALIA/BAHAWALPUR -  Hundreds of activists of the PPP and the Labour Qaumi Movement, flanked by the residents of different areas including women and children, blasted the government for its failure to overcome the crippling power outages.

They took out a rally against the unscheduled loadshedding under the leadership of LQM Kamalia President Umar Farooq. The rally started from Khalid Colony factory area and continued to Press Club Kamalia. It ended in a sit-in at Thana Chowk. The protesters were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans against Fesco authorities and the government.

The protesters laid on the ground and blocked the traffic on Kamalia-Chichawatni Road for several hours during their protest. Addressing the participants, the leaders expressed concerns that unannounced and unscheduled loadshedding was taking a toll on the commercial activities and the labourers were facing a terrible financial crisis. The elderly and the children, especially the students who are taking exams, are bearing the brunt of the extreme weather. The protesters criticised the unlawfulness of the Fesco authorities for not issuing schedule for loadshedding nor taking special steps for lessening the loadshedding.

XEN Fesco Kamalia Division Ch Anwar Tarar assured the protesters at the sit-in that unannounced loadshedding will be decreased in the next four days and that higher authorities have been informed in this regard. After registering their concern, the participants of the rally dispersed peacefully.

Likewise, Pakistan People’s Party’s leaders Syed Irfan Gardezi, Shahrukh Malik, Saleem Bhatti, Muhammad Ali Ahsan, and Bilal Bhatti expressed PML-N voluptuous leaders have damaged the country. They said the tall claimers have increased the duration of loadshedding ot more than 14 hours while the poor are facing difficulties in paying the electricity bills.

They said due to long hours of loadshedding Pakistan’s economy and industries have been affected badly.

They were addressing the Pakistan People’s Party workers in front of the Press Club Bahawalpur. They said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in coordination with developed countries establishing atomic power plants and after their completion excess electricity would have been available for hundreds of years. Benazir Bhutto had made agreements for the production of 24,000 MW electricity and their completion would not only had made Pakistan independent in their electricity needs but also we would be able to sell electricity to the neighbouring countries. But conspiracies of national enemies have made those projects unsuccessful, they said. PML (N)’s leadership is making agreements with the same IPPs and also making money, they alleged.

They said that through unsuccessful projects of Quaid-i-Azam Solar Park, Nandipur Power Project, Sahiwal Coal Power Project, the Nawaz government has cost Pakistan loss of billions of rupee and put these in their own pockets, they are looting the national capital in the broad daylight.

CPEC is the result of People’s Party and Asif Ali Zardari’s efforts, they claimed. PML N leadership is also making records of mega corruption in the project, they said. The nation will hold them accountable for corruption, they said.