LAHORE - People have expressed mixed views over the Supreme Court verdict on Panama leaks case. Most of the common people, interviewed by The Nation, were unconcerned about the whole story that has been much-hyped since Panama Papers leaks exposed the Sharifs’ assets abroad on April 4 last year.

This is a balanced decision but truth will be fully established after 60 days. For now it is victory of the PML-N. I feel Nawaz Sharif will emerge clean after completion of inquiry. It will be ultimate victory of Sharif family.

I wasn’t expecting such a weak decision from honourable judges of the Supreme Court. Why they had not clearly disqualified the PM even they were all convinced Sharif family did money laundering and corruption. I’m really disappointed by this decision of the apex court. At least the judges should have directed the PM to resign till the completion of investigation against him.

Although all of my family members stood tuned to the news channels all the day, waiting for the decision, I am not very much interested in these things. Being a student focus on my education. What I will say here the government and opposition should make joint efforts for the betterment of the country and focusing on health and education sectors.

We fully accept the decision of Supreme Court. I believe our leader (Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif) will come up clean as he comes clear in Supreme Court verdict.”

The apex court yesterday ruled that there was insufficient evidence of corruption to remove Nawaz Sharif from the role of prime minister. It ordered the formation of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to further probe the money transfer by the ruling Sharif family.


I’m a worker of the PTI and love Imran Khan and his politics. Today’s decision is very good and it fully exposed the Sharif family. Instead of feeling ashamed, I wonder why they (PML-N workers) are distributing sweets?

Even I sell tea here but I was very much anxious what the Supreme Court would do against the prime minister. I see the decision not a victory of Pakistan Muslim League-N. I feel the Sharif family will face problems in coming election.

The Supreme Court should have given a clear verdict instead of hanging things for further two months. Either it should disqualify the prime minister or dismiss the petition in favour of him. But now we will have to keep waiting for another 60 days.

I don’t know what did the Supreme Court decide but what I know that Sharif family has not made money using fair means. I really appreciate the efforts of PTI chief Imran Khan for exposing the corruption. The country will get rid of corrupt mafia soon.